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Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

The support section is currently available to Oak Street users who have registered for internet access support. Your Customer ID number can be found on all previous technical support correspondences to you. The Password is the 5-digit zip code of your current shipping address. Click Here

Oak Street E-Mail Server Module (OSMail)

The Oak Street E-Mail Server module, called OSMail, could literally save you hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in work that is currently being done by hand ! Because it makes the task of E-Mailing so easy, it creates new marketing opportunities (to both existing customers as well as prospects) that might have been too cost-prohibitive in the past. Indeed, OSMail is a must have.

OSMail adds the instantaneous E-Mailing of Oak Street's forms, letters, and reports, as well as personalized messages, plus attachments. Some of the documents you can E-Mail from Oak Street include:

      • Purchase orders to your vendors
      • Shipment confirmations to your customers
      • Sales-order-acknowledgments to customers or sales reps
      • A/R statements-of-account to your customers
      • Promotional letters to customers or prospects
      • Trade-show booth information to customers and prospects
      • Price lists
      • Inventory status reports to sales reps
      • Sales statistics to sales reps
      • Customers purchasing history or past-due info to sales reps
      • Any form, letter, or report to customers, vendors, reps, and prospects!
At the time you would normally print a document, you may now opt to E-Mail instead of, or in addition to, printing.

You'll Know Which Documents Were Sent and Which Were Not
OSMail provides the following information about sent E-Mail :
      • Messages sent.
      • Messages received.
      • Messages returned because of incorrect E-Mail address.
      • Messages not sent because of incorrectly formatted E-Mail addresses
        (i.e. missing '@' sign, etc.)
For returned items and items not sent, OSMail gives you the opportunity to correct and resend these messages from within the program. You can also choose to save these corrections directly in Oak Street.

Setting up a 'Dedicated' CPU to Your Network is Recommended.
Once OSMail is installed, the automation of E-Mailing will be available to any Oak Street workstation. The computer on which OSMail is installed must have an Internet connection. For network users, it is strongly recommended that you set up on the network a separate 'E-Mail server computer' (CPU).

Requires Microsoft's Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000
In addition to requiring a modem and Internet account, the computer running OSMail must also have Microsoft Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000 installed (not included). Microsoft Outlook Express does NOT satisfy this requirement. OSMail can also work in conjunction with a Micorsoft Exchange Server.

Use Almost Any Internet Service Provider (ISP)
OSMail can be used with any ISP that can accept Microsoft Outlook as the default E-Mail Client. This requirement excludes AOL since AOL requires their proprietary client software.

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