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The support section is currently available to Oak Street users who have registered for internet access support. Your Customer ID number can be found on all previous technical support correspondences to you. The Password is the 5-digit zip code of your current shipping address. Click Here


UPSLink.Net and OSLink.Net

Data Exchange with U.P.S. and FedEx

Oak Street's Real Time Interface for U.P.S. WorldShip© and FedEx Ship Manager© provides a direct line of communication between Oak Street and your U.P.S. WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager shipping software.  The U.P.S. WorldShip© program and the FedEx Ship Manager© capture the customer's shipping address information directly from the data stored within the Oak Street Orders file. As a result, the freight amount and the tracking numbers that are generated within UPS Worldship©. and FedEx Ship Manager© automatically get sent back to that sales order inside Oak Street, and can appear on the final invoice going to the customer.


  • Eliminates new/redundant data entry of customer address information
  • Guarantees that the correct customer shipping information is being used for each shipment (reduces errors related to selecting the wrong customer in the UPS file)
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork going back-and-forth between the office and the warehouse
  • Reduces total amount of time spent 'handling' boxes
  • Increases accuracy of the information contained within the invoice
  • Assures the correct freight amount is being used (even if the amount you actually charge the customer is something different from the 'published' rate)
  • Speeds up the process of converting a sales order into an invoice
  • Shows the U.P.S. and FedEx Ground shipment tracking numbers on the customer's invoice
  • Used in conjunction with the Oak Street Fax Server and/or Email Server modules, sending of Advance Ship Notices to your customers can be automated
  • Can be used in conjunction with Oak Street's other shipping interface options (FedEx® Ground Data Exporter, U.P.S Real Time Interface, and U.P.S. Data Exporter)

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® 2000 and above.
Computer used for shipping must be connected to your network.
Availability: March 2005


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