Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

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Sales Rep Features
  • Print comprehensive commission statements taking into account all factors affecting commissions and commission rates
  • Track the performance and profitability of each sales rep
  • Produce sales analysis that makes your sales reps more effective
  • Find out if your sales reps are getting the orders, or if the orders are customer-initiated
  • Retrieve or transfer accounts by territory, en masse
  • Track the performance and profitability of each sales rep
  • Automatically creates commission statements; no extra data entry or review is necessary
  • Accommodates commission rates that can vary according to sales rep, invoice, items ordered, quantity ordered, customer, type of customer, or how long it takes an invoice to be paid.
  • Calculates sales rep commissions for invoices that are paid.
  • Calculates sales rep commissions for merchandise that is shipped.
  • Charges back sales commissions if invoices become unacceptably delinquent.
  • Warns the sales rep a month in advance of impending chargebacks.
  • Tracks the amount of commission paid to each sales rep for transfer to the 1099 Forms.
  • Accommodates many factors that affect commission statements, such as split commissions, credits for returns, etc.
  • Let's you calculate commission on merchandise subtotal (not on freight, handling, or sales tax).
  • Provide new sales reps with a list of accounts in their area.
  • Tracks sales performance based on both what is ordered and shipped each month.
  • Reports each sales rep's customers that have not been reordering.
  • Tracks orders placed through the sales rep, verses those placed by customer.
  • Tracks which items each sales rep sold.
  • Prints commission statements for subrep.
  • Tracks the sales performance of subreps.


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