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Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

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The Industrious Software Solutions
Accounting Story

Stephen Ryza, the founder of Industrious Software Solutions, was just trying to help out with his sister's business. In 1982, her wholesale gift business was growing beyond her means to manage it. What she needed was someone or something to administer the day-to-day operation, while she concentrated on supervision and sales.

Of course, in 1982, the only solution was to hire more people to do the paperwork... an expensive proposition for a business still in its infancy. There was no PC software at the time to help small wholesalers manage their operations. That's when Stephen set about the task of developing a computer program to provide vital support for a small, but burgeoning business.

He began by following his sister with a stopwatch during her daily activities. He then evaluated each function she performed. His goal was to assess the benefit to be derived from automating any given process.

When he was finished, he had developed a software program that brought advanced automation to the routine, clerical tasks of a wholesaler. Even the earliest version of the program allowed a wholesaler to input orders, print packing lists, prepare and print invoices, print shipping labels, and manage inventory.

Stephen's sister soon began to use the program to enter orders at trade shows. To her surprise, the software gained the attention of other exhibitors. Many of them wanted the same program to manage their own business.

Stephen then expanded the software into a system that would computerize all wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers in the gift and craft industries. He called the program the "Maker's Automated Clerk"... better known over the years as the " M.A.C."

But there was still plenty left to do. Why stop at just the basic functions? What about forecasting, report generation, and profit-tracking? And what might still be overlooked?

Stephen sought to expand his horizons beyond his sister's business. This meant spending weeks observing the operation of numerous wholesalers...consulting with each one to assess, first hand, their individual needs. He also went to trade shows to talk with various exhibitors about their specialized operations.

The outcome was a software package driven by the input of business owners, not programmers. Now, there was finally a comprehensive program on the market that was able to meet the specific and unique requirements of wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers.

After a while, I.S.S. added a staff of programmers, sales representatives, and customer service people to help expand his business. Within a couple of years, the Maker's Automated Clerk was the dominant software player in the gift and craft industries. The product was also significant in apparel, sporting goods, specialty food, hobby, and other industries.

By 1992, over 2,000 companies were using the Maker's Automated Clerk as their major business tool. By that time, over 150 options were added to the software. This came about as a result of the numerous requests for additional features that were communicated to Stephen by his customers.

By 1993, I.S.S. made a decision to develop a new system to replace the Maker's Automated Clerk. They recognized that, in a highly competitive market, businesses needed to be more flexible and responsive. Therefore, the software needed to be sufficiently flexible to allow a user to quickly make changes to the program without paying a programmer.

It was a major effort to develop the new software system. It took over eighty man-years to complete. The new program was called "Oak Street". It was not a generic package that required a business to change to meet the requirements of the software. Instead, Oak Street was so flexible that users could modify the system as their companies changed.

Because Oak Street is so powerful, it required a special process to implement it. The implementation process was given the name TCM because it focuses on Time, Customers, and Money...the three fundamentals of business.

TCM is a methodology that includes personal consultations, software customization, training, and technical support. The initial step is to analyze a company's needs. Solutions are then identified and implemented in a professional and cost-effective manner.

The 2000 Accounting division of I.S.S. was launched in 1998 as a software design and marketing company to better deal with the issues confronting our customers in the next century. These issues included Year 2000 compatibility, Internationalization, and the ability to run on different platforms. The first result of 2000 Accounting's efforts was the release of the fully Year 2000 compatible, version 2.0 of Oak Street in April of 1998.

Through personal involvement with the client, along with the extensive knowledge obtained by working with thousands of wholesalers over the past 18 years, Industrious Software Solutions has continued to help wholesalers expand their businesses. The coming years will also bring continued investment of significant resources to assist companies improve their utilization of time, provide better service to their customers, and preserve their money.

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