Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

The support section is currently available to Oak Street users who have registered for internet access support. Your Customer ID number can be found on all previous technical support correspondences to you. The Password is the 5-digit zip code of your current shipping address. Click Here


Accounts Payable Basics

Keep in mind that nearly every screen in Oak Street can be customized without the need of a programmer. This key feature gives you a degree of flexibility never before seen in an operations and accounting software package. For more information on the Screen and Form Customizer click here.

Also keep in mind that Oak Street has HUNDREDS of features - more than what can possibly be described on this web site. We highly recommend that you allow one of our highly skilled sales technicians to give you a personalized demonstration of Oak Street so that you see first hand how Oak Street will enhance your business. For more information on our personalized demonstrations click here.

Accounts Payable Basics


  • Manage your cash outflow
  • Obtain an integrated solution for the payment of outstanding invoices through an innovative cash disbursement and check writing system.
  • Know when a bill needs to be paid in order to take the generous discount being offered to your company if you pay the invoice on time.
  • Quickly review vendor information such as address, terms, and purchase history. 
  • Place vendors or invoices `on hold' to prevent automatic payment.
  • Expense invoices to any number of expense accounts. 
  • Enter and maintain memos for individual vendors.
  • Automatically process repetitive billing such as rent, loan payments, and utility payments. 
  • Automate recurring invoices without repetitive data entry.
  • `Sit back' while the program automatically calculates due dates, discount due dates, and discount amounts. 
  • Add new vendors while entering invoices.
  • Select invoices for automatic payment based on any criteria defined by you.
  • Record checks for "one-time-only" vendors. Individual checks may be printed directly from the Manual Check Entry program.
  • Record pre-paid invoices in advance of recording the invoice.  When the invoice is recorded through Invoice Data Entry, the payment amount may be applied through the adjustment.
  • Age payables by due date up to eight user-defined aging categories.  Get a report for past-due invoices for a specified number of days or for all invoices. 
  • Print on standard check stock, or customized stock.  Multiple check formats may be created per company.  Different check stock may be used for each bank account.


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