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Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

The support section is currently available to Oak Street users who have registered for internet access support. Your Customer ID number can be found on all previous technical support correspondences to you. The Password is the 5-digit zip code of your current shipping address. Click Here

Accounts Receivable

Keep in mind that nearly every screen in Oak Street can be customized without the need of a programmer. This key feature gives you a degree of flexibility never before seen in an operations and accounting software package. For more information on the Screen and Form Customizer click here.

Also keep in mind that Oak Street has HUNDREDS of features - more than what can possibly be described on this web site. We highly recommend that you allow one of our highly skilled sales technicians to give you a personalized demonstration of Oak Street so that you see first hand how Oak Street will enhance your business. For more information on our personalized demonstrations click here.

Accounts Receivable Basics

Advanced Accounts Receivable Features
  • Complete transaction detail history goes back as far as you wish
  • Transactions may be reviewed in Invoice # order or Date order
  • Aging considers Customer Terms in the calculation
  • Detailed aging reports display all the transactions of each invoice
  • No need to manually `write off' unpaid finance charges
  • When trying to find an invoice to pay off, you may use many lookup keys (even by invoice amount)
  • Suppress printing of factored receivables
  • Over 25 system reports for sales, profit, cash receipts, freight, tax, etc.
  • Easily accommodates:
    • Refunds
    • Various types of discounts
    • Finance Charges
    • Bounced Checks
    • Overpayments
    • Partial payments
  • Check Credit Adjustments
  • Supports EOM terms
  • Supports holiday or fixed date terms
  • Supports discount date and automatic discount
  • Supports post dated checks


  • Obtain instant access to a customer's account, as well as past transactions
  • Print late notices, statements, and aging reports to keep your receivables low
  • Quickly process your customer's checks and credits for returns
  • Know how much money is outstanding, broken down into `current', 30, 60, 90 day periods
  • Accurately forecast cash receipts for any future period
  • Helps keep receivables low by:
    • printing statements of account to customers who have unpaid invoices
    • printing notices to accounts that are late in paying
    • including messages that correspond to how late the account is
    • selecting the period of lateness for which to print delinquent notices
    • printing late notices directly on a self-mailer form so you don't have to stuff envelopes.
    • creating a list of delinquent customers to telephone
  • Prints daily sales journals and cash journals.
  • Prints customer credit reports to meet credit reference requests.
  • Streamlines check posting by:
    • providing customer account access by name, invoice number, or invoice balance
    • eliminating the need to "write-off" unpaid finance charges
    • eliminating the need to post the dollar amount of the check for paid-in-full invoices
  • Easily displays customer's invoices, payments, credits, etc.
  • Accesses a customer's transaction history as far back as you require.
  • Produces an account list of everyone who owes you money, `aged' into 30 day periods. Considers the customer terms when `aging' the account.
  • Forecasts revenue by evaluating each customer's open invoices, and average time to pay.
  • Compares sales, receipts, returns, freight, and sales tax by month and year.

Customer Credit Management

  • Order entry shows complete payment history, aging of open invoices and numerous calculations to describe the customer's credit rating
  • Link to the Manufactures Credit Cooperative database during order entry
  • Credit limit warnings take dollars of unshipped orders into consideration
  • Can prevent credit hold orders from printing
  • Credit release based on user specifiable parameters can be automatic
  • Credit reference letter to meet requests by industry colleagues is available
  • Automated credit hold letter during order entry to customer is available

Phone Conversation Logging

  • Maintain unlimited notes about customers, vendors and prospects
  • Maintain different records for different topics (e.g. sales, customer service, returns)
  • Stamps time, date, and user name on conversations
  • Access the log from wherever you are in the software


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