Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

Full commission statements and Commission Tracking
Automatic backorder of items not shipped
Data exchange with U.P.S. or FedEx
Credit card authorizations
'Advise' as to which orders can ship
Forcasts of which items need reording
Document and memo faxing and Email
E.D.I. Integration
'On-the-water' merchandise tracking
U.P.S. tracking #’s on invoices
Order taking with barcode scanning
Automated mass invoicing
Inventory tracking for multiple bins & warehouses
Warehouse management
Automated order picking
Customer relations management
Website integration
Photos on your quotes
Order fulfillment via barcodes
Advanced shipping notices
Barcode label generation

Sales Order / Invoicing

Keep in mind that nearly every screen in Oak Street can be customized without the need of a programmer. This key feature gives you a degree of flexibility never before seen in an operations and accounting software package. For more information on the Screen and Form Customizer click here.

Also keep in mind that Oak Street has HUNDREDS of features - more than what can possibly be described on this web site. We highly recommend that you allow one of our highly skilled sales technicians to give you a personalized demonstration of Oak Street so that you see first hand how Oak Street will enhance your business. For more information on our personalized demonstrations click here.


Advanced General Features
  • Reprint or just review on screen, old invoices, sales orders, or packing lists
  • Sales order/Invoice documents can print individually or in batch mode
  • Pre-payments by credit card, checks or cash
  • Repeat orders for customers is supported
  • Line items on documents can be sorted in any order and also display on screen in the same order
  • Orders can be looked up via the customer's P.O. number
  • Quotations and RMA documents may be printed
  • Unlimited free form comments per line item on any document
  • Instant access to stock availability for each 2 week interval
  • Drop ship customers can be stored for future retrieval
  • Drop Ship orders from vendors to customers

Advanced Shipping and Invoicing Features

  • Handling charges may be automatically created via a defined formula
  • Bill of Lading can be printed
  • Invoice can be `undone' for correcting if an error was discovered
  • Multiple orders can be combined on to one invoice
  • Shipping labels can automatically print the box number (i.e. box 2 of 3)
  • Order and Invoice documents can display total weight, volume, and units
  • Print pick tickets or packing lists for specifiable ship dates
  • Contiguous printing of Invoice, Packing List, Shipping Label, C.O.D. tags
  • Line items on an invoice can be grouped per carton #
  • Can show one item as invoiced when actually a different one was shipped

Department and Chain Store Features

  • Copy the same order for a group of stores
  • Unlimited number of ship-to's per bill to
  • One invoice for an order shipped to multiple stores
  • Support for distribution center addresses
  • Print Store # and Dept. # on invoices
  • Print the store's own SKU# s on their invoices
  • Customer specific packing list instructions
  • E.D.I. support via a 3rd party

Flexible Assigning of Prices

Assign prices taking into consideration:

  • Negotiated prices with individual customers for particular items
  • Up to 36 price levels
  • The last price paid
  • Price quotations
  • The quantity ordered of the item
  • The cumulated quantity ordered of a group of similar items
  • The cumulated dollars ordered for a group of items or the whole order
  • Markup percents to be applied to the cost
  • Selecting from the last 5 prices paid

Flexible Assigning of Discount Percents

  • Assignable to the order
  • Assignable to the customer as an order default
  • Assignable to a line item
  • Attachable to a price level per item
  • Attachable to a quantity ordered per item
  • Attachable to the quantity ordered per price level
  • Compound percents (i.e. 50/20/5%) per item, per price level
  • Prevent an order discount from applying to certain items

Sales Rep Management Features

  • Complete commission statements that reflect:
  • Reps paid based upon shipment or payment of invoice
  • Charge backs for non-payment of invoices
  • Bounced checks
  • Repayment of a charge back if invoice was eventually paid
  • Credits for return
  • Commission on subtotal or gross profit of an invoice
  • Accommodates sub-reps (road reps)
  • Sales analysis by rep by month, and other reports
  • Ability to reassign the customer's sales reps en masse
  • Reports to compare dollars written by sales reps versus other sources
  • Tracks which items the sales rep sold
  • Can provide new sales reps with a list of accounts in their area

Flexible Assigning of Commission Rates

  • Assign commission rates taking into consideration:
  • The sales rep
  • The customer
  • The item
  • The discount % of an order & an item
  • The price paid for the item
  • The negotiated commission rate for a particular item per customer
  • Ability to change the assigned rate on the fly

Prospect Management

  • Track leads and all interactions with them
  • Perform mailings to leads
  • Schedule Call backs
  • Automatically adds a prospect to customer file when the prospect orders

U.P.S. Support

  • UPS freight charges are calculated automatically from just entry of the weights
  • A host approved manifest may be printed
  • COD tags are printed from information derived from invoicing
  • Customer names can be exported to the UPS on-line or Maxiship software
  • Packing Lists can print barcodes to eliminate key strokes for UPS's Software
  • UPS manifest transactions may be queried per customer at any time

General Features

  • Adds new customers when you enter their first order.
  • Allows for multiple shipping addresses for each customer.
  • Reviews customer's previous orders, and prices, during order entry.
  • Allows you to "repeat" previous customer orders into a new order.
  • Lets you enter orders at a remote location. Great for tradeshows and outside sales people.
  • Lets you change or add to an order at any time.
  • Checks the customer's promptness in paying bills during order entry. No more shipping to past due customers.
  • Checks credit-worthiness as rated by an outside credit-reporting agency during order entry. This credit information, which is updated monthly, will help your company dramatically reduce bad dept expense by showing you which of your customers are starting to pay their bills late! Your savings from this feature alone may offset the price of Oak Street.
  • Warns you if a credit limit has been exceeded.
  • Lets you print, during order entry, a notice to a delinquent customer that their order is on hold until a payment can be received.
  • Assigns, to each order, the appropriate sales representative and calculates their commission.
  • Duplicates identical orders from chain stores.
  • Assigns the appropriate price for each item using incredibly flexible pricing features. Oak Street features pricing by customer type, pricing by quantity ordered and pricing by customer type AND quantity ordered.
  • Lets you create a new item while entering an order.
  • Checks stock levels and availability as items are being ordered. Oak Street can even recommend substitutions for out items that are out of stock.
  • Can check inventory to automatically backorder out-of-stock items.
  • Handles pre-packaged assortments and point-of-sale displays.
  • Reprints orders easily with any number of specified reprints.
  • Our sizing feature minimizes keystrokes when entering orders for items that come in sizes, colors, etc.
  • Prints and manages personalized or monogrammed merchandise.
  • Memo fields containing unlimited text can be attached to any item, pick ticket, packing list, or invoice

Pick Tickets and Packing Lists

  • Prints order copies to be used for packing lists, pick tickets, or acknowledgement copies.
  • Can print a form containing both packing lists and shipping labels.
  • Can print an alternate shipping address of yours on the packing lists. Great for drop shipments.
  • Lets you electronically send documents for printing at a remote location or warehouse.


  • Easily places items on backorder
  • Makes new sales orders/packing lists/pick tickets from backordered items.
  • Can suppress backorders from appearing on invoices.


Phone Conversation Logging

  • Maintain unlimited notes about customers, vendors and prospects
  • Maintain different records for different topics (e.g. sales, customer service, returns)
  • Stamps time, date, and user name on conversations
  • Access the log from wherever you are in the software


  • Print inventory labels with barcodes
  • Print barcodes of the zip code on documents to get better postal rates (Postnet)
  • Scan barcodes to perform order entry or invoicing either on line or off line
  • Automatically generates UPC numbers for items

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