Oak Street is a fully integrated package. You get all you need to run your entire operation.

Simply put, the program knows what you need, and puts everything where it's supposed to go.

The support section is currently available to Oak Street users who have registered for internet access support. Your Customer ID number can be found on all previous technical support correspondence to you. The Password is the 5 digit zip code of your current shipping address. Click Here


Thinking about QuickBooks or
QuickBooks Pro?

If You're Thinking about QuickBooks or QuickBooks Pro....

Think again!!!

Oak Street is simply more efficient.  QuickBooks is great if you ...

  •     ... never need to place items on backorder
  •     ... always charge the same prices to everybody
  •     ... never need to print a commission statement
  •     ... don't use UPS MaxiShip or UPS On-line
  •     ... don't need to know how many of an item your customers have on order
  •     ... don't need to automate the printing of:
    •         shipping labels
    •         COD tags
    •         pick tickets
    •         order acknowledgments
  •     ... will never perform highly targeted mailings to prospects or customers
  •     ... never need to look up anything during order entry, such as customer information, past         customer invoices, current orders, or
  •     ... item availability
  •     ... don't sell items in different colors or sizes
  •     ... don't need to enter prepayments for items not shipped the same day
  •     ... don't import items, and thus, never need to know your landed costs
  •     ... don't have customers with multiple shipping addresses
  •     ... never have to accommodate orders from chain stores
  •     ... will never need to have more than one person using the system
  •     ... prefer to re-key reorders
  •     ... never have to put two or more orders on one invoice
  •     ... never want to enter orders at a remote site, like a showroom
  •     ... don't have multiple or remote warehouses
  •     ... never have to look up orders by your customer's PO #
  •     ... never have to look up a customer by telephone number or zip code
  •     ... will never have more than one company sharing the software
  •     ... will never need to print items, on an order, in bin # or alphabetical sequence
  •     ... don't need to specify whether returned goods were re-stockable
  •     ... don't want to automate PO's to your suppliers based on inventory levels
  •     ... don't need to accommodate multiple vendors of the same item
  •     ... don't ever need help determining which orders to ship
  •     ... don't ever change prices for a group of items
  •     ... only sell items in the same unit of measure in which they're stocked
  •     ... only purchase items in the same unit of measure in which they're stocked
  •     ... will never need to have an audit trail
  •     ... don't have to worry about the I.R.S. audit request for daily sales journals in invoice#
  •     ... will never need EDI
  •     ... will never need a Barcode interface
  •     ... will never have to assign UP  codes
  •     ... won't need to ever change sales reps
  •     ... don't deal with royalty payments
  •     ... only want your software to automatically update each customer's balance, but not each         customer's:
    •         average time to pay you
    •         date of their oldest invoice
    •         previous highest balance
    •         dollar amount of items on order
    •         last invoice date
    •         last payment date
    •         last statement date
    •         dollar amount of open credit
    •         number of open invoices
    •         monthly totals for:
      •           sales
      •           payments
      •           profit margin
      •           orders
      •           returns
  •     ... only want your software to automatically update your inventory items' quantity on-hand         and on-purchase, but not each item's:
    •           quantity received
    •           quantity purchased
    •           date last received
    •           monthly totals for:
      •               profit margin
      •               sales
      •               orders
      •               returns
      •               costs of goods sold



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